The Health Benefits of Cheesy Potatoes

So…. to recap: I started a blog.  You are currently reading it.

After beginning said blog- with grand intentions to write frequently and engage my audience with enlightening musings, witty anecdotes, and examples of how I am living into my ultimate goal of becoming a more well-rounded and ridiculously healthy individual- I proceeded to not write a thing for over two weeks.  Why?  Because, like any good American, I was busy binge eating and being lazy with my family as we kicked off the holiday season.

One might wonder how gluttony and sloth play into being “healthy.”  If you are one of those people, you have clearly never eaten my father’s cooking before napping with my dog on my parents’ couch. Trust me- it makes your soul smile.

I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my family these past two weekends: first for the baptism of my nephew, Sammy, and then to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Being that my siblings are spread all over the world these days- from the Midwest to the Deep South, and from the mountains out west to the very far East- we weren’t all able to be together.  While we were missing a few important faces, it was a nice preview of what to expect when everyone comes home in two weeks for Christmas.  Lots of laughs, late-night sister chats, cuddling with the best baby in the world, brother-in-law hazing, pets everywhere, visits with friends and extended family, and copious amounts of salted meats and cheesy potatoes.  My heart was as full as my stomach throughout the entire time.

I am going to be honest: I am pretty much obsessed with my family.  They are my best friends and I am beyond thankful every year for each member.  This year, I am especially grateful for Sammy- the coolest/cutest baby in the world and a Photo Booth extraordinaire at the young age of 6 months.

No, but really: he’s adorable.

This family time was wonderful and I am excited to spend even more time and eat even more delicious food with my family and close friends throughout the rest of the holiday season.  Cheesy potatoes may not be healthy for your waistline but, when consumed responsibly, I firmly believe they are healthy for your soul.

4 thoughts on “The Health Benefits of Cheesy Potatoes

  1. Katie, I love this. What an amazing idea. Once you figure out how to balance work and life can you please teach me? I tend to be somewhat of a workaholic. Anyway, I love you, your honesty, and your intelligence and we need to get together ASAP! I will be off during the week over Christmas break so how about I meet you in AA for dinner one night at that amazing veggie restaurant?? Let me know. I miss you!

  2. Thank you so much! It’s a work in progress. I hate to ask but will you message me and tell me which Kristin this is? I have a few in my life (I love them all) and I am sure we can figure something out. Seva is always a good option 🙂

      • Haha, I didn’t even notice that it totally did! So much for that “intelligence” you spoke of. I figured it was you… I just wanted to make sure. I’ll actually be in LO most of that week and Allie will be home- maybe we can all get together! I’ll be in touch… we are long overdue for a catch up. I miss you.

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